When we first started to dj we both thought it’ll be just for us and maybe some of our friends, but now we already have some ¬†followers from other countries and even other continents. By the time we became bigger and we performed at different places, so as a consequence of this, many people asked us different questiones about our music, performing and all about us. Mostly they were kind of the same questions, but here is a small collection of some frequently asked questiones and answers of us:

When did you start to dj and how did you get this idea of dj-ing?

-We started on February 2015, but actually it was Robin’s idea to start dj-ing. We tried out and we were pretty excited and we both had so much fun, so we moved on.

Do you usually listen to the same music you mix?

-Yes of course, we like this music very much and we listen to that music but it also depends on what either of us wants to listen to. Sometimes one of us just wants to relax and listen to some chill music and the other one wants to listen to some dance tracks. But we both like the same genres of music and thats important because if we wouldn’t, it would not be possible for us to produce and mix our music together.

What program do you use?

-For production we mainly use Logic Pro X by Apple. When we mix the music, we use our analog mixer with 2 CDJs so we don’t need a program. If we don’t get to use our analog mixer, we use Traktor DJ by Native Instruments.

Who is your favorite DJ?

-Our favorite DJ is Hardwell, but we also like most of the other DJs.

Could you imagine making money with your hobby?

-Maybe yes, maybe no we’ll see. But it’s not about making money, we just want to have fun behind the deck’s and we don’t need money for that. We do this for having fun and not for earning money.

How old are you?

-Both of us are 17 years old.

How many people are you right now in TeamRMJS?

-Right now we’re 5 people, but we’d be happy about every new member in our team.

Why is your name “RMJS” ?

-Just look at the page “About RMJS” , there you’ll find all these informations.

Hey guys whats your dream for the future or what do you want to achieve with your music?

-Our dream is of course that we’ll regularly get DJ gigs and that many people are going to listen to our music. All in all we ¬†can say that this is our main goal that we want to achieve.