About RMJS

RMJS consists of 2 german DJs. First they were DJs on their own (DJ JS and DJ RMC), then they recognized that they are actually better and get more inspiration when they dj together. After they decided to become a DJ duo, they needed a name. They tried different ones like DJ JSRMC, what was literally adding both names together. But they both thought that this name was hard to remember so they tried RMCJS. At this name they just took out the “DJ” and put RMC in front of JS. “It is still too long and hard to remember, we need something short and easy to say”, were the words of the DJs. After a long time thinking, they realized that they could just take out the C, what would cause that the name was easier to pronounce and also easier to remember. Since that day ,their name was RMJS or RMJS Music.

The first day they performed together was in February 2015 and since that day, their audience has grown bigger, especially since they released their first mixtape called “#UnitedLove”,  in June 2015. The 2 DJs Jannis and Robin promised each other since they founded RMJS, that they will always stand together behind the mixer and that they will never perform alone.

In fall 2015, RMJS proudly joined the Relate Recordings family and released their first mashup “Where Are Perfections” (Skrillex & Diplo feat. Justin Bieber vs. Twoloud & Qulinez). Right after they joined Relate Recordings, they founded TeamRMJS that consist of all people that contribute in RMJS and involve in any way to help RMJS grow bigger. RMJS has announced that they will start producing their own tracks in summer 2016.

After all that the two DJs wanted an appropriate logo for their name and after a long time they finally decided to take the following artwork as their official RMJS symbol.


“RMJS is family”, is what the two friends always say. “You have so much fun together and you spend so much time together, talking about, listening to, editing, mixing, and/or producing music”. The young DJ duo is fully inspired by the things they do and both of them love it when they get feedback by anyone, even if its negative feedback. “Negative feedback always tells us what we shouldn’t do and helps us improve our mixing skills and also helps us finding the perfect tracks behind the mixer. Positive feedback lets us know that we’re doing the right thing and that people actually like our mixtapes, what always gives us more motivation to move on.” – RMJS

If you want to help RMJS getting bigger and you want to be part of our TeamRMJS, you can share their music, tell friends about them or share this website. We’d really like you to be part of or Team and stay in touch with you. If you want to be part of the Relate Recordings family you can simply contact them on Facebook.

The whole TeamRMJS says thank you for your support. Without you, we wouldn’t be what we are now.


If you’d like to contact us you can either send us an email to [email protected]